Prosthetic Dental Treatments

What is Prosthetic Treatment?

Prosthetic dental treatment is an important service offered by modern dentistry to eliminate deficiencies in your smile and create a healthy oral structure. Prosthetic dental treatment is carefully applied by our experts to replace missing teeth, correct chewing functions, and achieve an aesthetic appearance.

Who is it suitable for?


What are the Types of Prosthetic Treatments?

1-) Fixed Prostheses:

Fixed dentures are one of the most effective solutions to permanently replace your missing teeth. These prostheses, made with specially designed porcelain or ceramic materials, provide an aesthetic similar to natural teeth.

2-) Removable Prostheses:

Removable dentures eliminate your aesthetic concerns and improve your chewing functions. They can be designed for the lower or upper jaw, depending on need.

3-) Precision Retainer Prostheses:

Precision retainers, which provide a stronger grip, especially in removable dentures, offer a comfortable and reliable experience. Additionally, it makes your chewing functions more effective with your prosthesis.

4-) Metal Supported Prostheses:

Metal-supported dentures provide a durable structure, and metal alloys are used especially to support your teeth. These prostheses offer a long-lasting and durable solution.

5-) Implant Prostheses:

Prosthetics mounted on dental implants offer the closest solution to natural teeth. It provides high performance in terms of aesthetics, durability, and function.

What are the Advantages of Prosthodontic Treatment?

Natural Appearance: Prosthetic teeth provide an aesthetic similar to natural teeth. Details regarding color, shape, and size are designed in accordance with the patient's facial structure.

Functional Improvements: Replacing missing teeth improves chewing functions. This provides a more effective chewing experience and aids digestion.

Increased Self-Confidence: Eliminating the deficiencies in the smile increases the patient's self-confidence. A natural and healthy smile provides a more positive experience in social interactions and daily life.

What is the Prosthodontic Treatment Process?

Examination and Evaluation: In the first stage, our specialist dentist examines the patient's mouth structure in detail. Missing teeth, jaw structure, and other factors are evaluated.

Creating a Treatment Plan: Following the evaluations, a treatment plan specific to the patient's needs is created. This plan includes which prosthetic tooth option will be used and the treatment process.

Prosthetic Dental Application: In line with the treatment plan, our specialist dentist will replace the missing teeth, apply prosthetic teeth. This stage is carried out carefully to ensure patient comfort and a natural appearance.

Final Check and Maintenance: After the prosthetic tooth application, a final check for the patient's comfort and satisfaction is performed. In addition, proper dental care and cleaning instructions are given.

As Roselle Dent Dental Clinic, we offer modern and effective solutions in our prosthetic dental treatments. By creating a customized treatment plan for each patient, we aim to improve your smile not only aesthetically but also your chewing functions and overall oral health.