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Teeth Filling

What is a Dental Filling?

Dental filling is a treatment method used to repair tooth decay, correct broken or worn teeth, and close the gaps between teeth. It is usually performed using a special material called composite resin. This material can be prepared in tooth color, thus providing a natural appearance after treatment.


How is a Tooth Filling Done?

Examination and Diagnosis: First, it examines the bruised or damaged area and prepares it for treatment. We evaluate whether it is suitable or not.

Preparation: Local anesthesia is applied to the treatment area and the bruised or damaged part is cleaned.

Shaping the Filling:Composite resin is applied in accordance with the natural structure of the tooth and is applied by the dentist. It is shaped with special tools.

Fixation with Light:The resin is hardened with a special light and fixed on the tooth.

Final Check:We check that the filler is placed correctly and is compatible with jaw movements.

Preventive Restoration:The tooth undergoing root canal treatment is usually weakened, so the dentist usually performs a restoration procedure to strengthen it, usually a filling or crown.

Advantages of Dental Filling

Dental filling offers an important treatment option in the field of dental health with its various advantages. We can list these advantages as follows:

Perhaps one of the most notable advantages of dental filling application is that it provides a natural appearance. Fillings prepared in accordance with the tooth color perfectly match the natural structure of the teeth. In this way, it is possible for the intervention made on the teeth to be almost unnoticeable even after the treatment.

Dental filling offers a fast and effective solution in the treatment of cavities or fractures. This procedure, which can usually be completed in a single visit, allows patients to continue their daily lives with minimal intervention. This quick process can help patients use their time more effectively.

Functional recovery is also one of the advantages of dental filling. When a decayed or damaged tooth is restored with an appropriate filling, it helps the tooth perform its normal functions. This is important for chewing, speaking and general oral health.

Tooth filling is generally a painless procedure. Using local anesthesia during the application ensures that the patient has a comfortable experience. In addition, minimal discomfort or sensitivity after filler application makes it easier for patients to quickly return to their normal lives.

Post-Application Recommendations

Discomfort or sensitivity may be experienced with newly applied fillings, but this usually subsides in a short time.

Maintaining good oral hygiene can extend the life of a filling.

As Roselle Dent Dental Clinic, we offer modern and effective solutions in our dental filling treatments. By creating a customized treatment plan for each patient, we aim to bring back the health of your smile.