Precision Retainer Denture Turkey, Izmir

What is Precision Retained Prosthesis?

The precision-retained prosthesis is a pioneering type of prosthesis that offers special comfort and naturalness to patients suffering from missing teeth. This innovative solution is supported by a special prosthesis frame placed on the toothless jaw and provides a secure hold by establishing a delicate bond with the natural anatomical structures in the mouth.

This prosthesis fits perfectly with the patient's gums and jaw structure thanks to its special design. The prosthesis frame placed on the toothless jaw imitates natural gum tissues and ensures that the prosthesis gains aesthetic integrity. Thus, patients using the prosthesis get a natural and real appearance even when they smile.


Precision retainer dentures are an ideal option for patients who attach particular importance to speech and chewing functions. Special fasteners minimize the movement of the prosthesis in the mouth, so it can be used easily in daily activities. In addition, being made of durable materials ensures that the prosthesis is long-lasting and durable.

Our expert dentists evaluate the suitability of precision retainer dentures by taking into account the individual needs of the patients and create a personalized treatment plan, offering a perfect solution that combines aesthetics and comfort.

Who are Precision Retained Dentures Suitable for?

Precision retention dentures may suit a group of patients who address a variety of dental health needs and seek special comfort. This type of prosthesis can generally be recommended for the following situations:

Those with Toothless Jaws:

It is especially suitable for patients with missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw, to provide a suitable solution for their toothless jaw.

Those with Aesthetic Concerns:

For patients seeking an aesthetic smile, precision retainer dentures provide aesthetic integrity by imitating natural gum tissue.

Those Who Want Comfort and Stability:

Recommended for patients who want the prosthesis to hold securely and not move. It is ideal for those looking for stability and comfort, especially during chewing and speaking.

Special Connection Needs:

Suitable for patients who need special fasteners under the prosthesis. These fasteners precisely connect the prosthesis to the gum and jaw structure.

Those with Low Tolerance to Other Prosthesis Types:

It may offer an alternative solution for patients who have difficulty adapting to other types of prostheses or who have difficulty using other prostheses.

What are the Benefits?

Precision attachment dentures are a special type of dentures that stand out with a number of advantages they offer to patients suffering from missing teeth. These prostheses provide a number of benefits in terms of aesthetics, comfort, and function.

In terms of aesthetics, precision-retained dentures mimic natural gum tissue and offer a natural appearance even when the patient smiles. The aesthetic integrity of the prosthesis increases the patient's self-confidence and makes them feel comfortable in social interactions.

In terms of comfort, precision retainer dentures provide a stable hold in the mouth thanks to their special design. This minimizes unwanted movements of the prosthesis and provides comfortable use during chewing and speaking. This comfort allows the patient to use his prosthesis without restricting his daily activities.

Among the functional advantages, the durability and longevity of the prosthesis stand out. Precision retainer dentures offer an effective solution for many years because they are produced using special fasteners and durable materials. Additionally, since they form a sensitive connection to the jaw structure, they optimize chewing functions and improve the patient's eating experience.

Beyond these benefits, it provides a positive impact on patients' overall quality of life. It addresses aesthetic concerns, offers a secure grip, and contributes to protecting patients' oral and dental health by providing a long-term solution with its durability. However, the suitability of precision retainer dentures may vary depending on the individual situation.It is important to consult a dentist for the use of this type of prosthesis. Our specialist dentists can create the most appropriate treatment plan by evaluating the patient's specific needs.

As Roselle Dent Dental Clinic, we offer modern and effective solutions for all our prosthetic dental treatments. By creating a customized treatment plan for each patient, we aim to improve your smile not only aesthetically, but also your chewing functions and overall oral health.