Pediatric Dentistry Turkey

Special Care for Little Smiles

Tiny smiles are the guarantee of healthy teeth in the future. Pediatric dentistry aims to protect the oral health of our little patients with attentive care and reliable expertise.

A Playful Experience

Our patients' first dentist visit shapes their dental health story. In a playful atmosphere, our pediatric dentistry team helps our little patients relax and ensures that the treatment feels like a game.

Teaching our children oral health habits is important to prevent future problems. Our expert dentists teach habits such as brushing teeth and using dental floss and turn this process into an enjoyable experience.


Treatments Included

Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that specializes in protecting, treating and monitoring the oral and dental health of children. Pediatric dentistry is also often called pedodontics. Here are some of the topics that pediatric dentistry covers:

Child Dental Health Examinations: Special dental examinations are performed for children. The dentist examines the child's teeth and gums and tries to detect any problems.

Prophylaxis (Preventive Treatments):Fluoride applications to prevent cavities and other oral health problems , fissure sealant applications and other preventive treatments are performed.

Dental Cleaning and Hygiene Education: Brushing teeth, flossing and oral hygiene for children Training is given on the subject. This helps children develop good dental hygiene habits regularly.

Orthodontics in Children: Orthodontic treatment plans are made for conditions such as tooth irregularities and jaw disorders.

Oral Protection for Children: Special to protect children's mouths when doing sports or in situations such as teeth grinding. Mouth protection appliances may be recommended.

Tooth Decay Treatment in Children: Tooth decay, which is frequently seen in children, is treated using fillings or crowns. is done.

Care and Treatment of Primary Teeth: Pediatric dentists protect the health and development of primary teeth. Pays special attention to follow up.

Anesthesia and Sedation in Children: If necessary, anesthesia or sedation can be applied to children during dental treatment. This may help the child relax and go through treatment more easily.

Child-Friendly Treatments

Our pediatric dentistry treatments are designed to suit the age and needs of children. With minimally invasive treatments, we maximize the comfort and confidence of our little patients and guide them to grow up with a healthy and happy smile. Our experienced team creates special treatment plans for our children and includes them in the treatment process.

This is an area that requires attention and leadership. In our clinic, we use modern treatment options to protect and improve your children's dental health. At the same time, we strive to raise awareness of families about children's dental health and help them create correct dental care habits.


Contact us to get more information about our pediatric dentistry services and to keep little smiles healthy. Your children's smiles are the most valuable reward for us!