What are Metal Supported Ceramic Crowns and Bridges?

Metal-supported ceramic crowns and bridges are among the restorative dental treatment methods widely used in dentistry. This treatment option combines durability and aesthetic appearance, providing an effective solution for restoring lost or damaged teeth.

Metal-supported ceramic crowns are produced using a metal alloy in the substrate and a porcelain or ceramic coating is added on it. While the metal substrate provides durability and strength to the crown, an aesthetic appearance similar to the natural tooth color is achieved thanks to the ceramic coating. These features provide an ideal option to meet patients' needs for both durability and aesthetic concerns.


Metal-supported ceramic bridges are used in case of a missing tooth. The metal support strengthens the bridge and provides resistance to chewing forces. At the same time, the ceramic coating adapts to neighboring teeth by providing an aesthetic appearance. This method helps to effectively eliminate missing teeth in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Metal-supported ceramic crowns and bridges allow dentists to provide customized treatment tailored to their patients' individual needs. During the application process, the dentist cooperates with the patient and aims to achieve durable and aesthetic results that mimic the natural tooth structure. This treatment option is an important alternative for patients who want to achieve both functional and aesthetically satisfactory results in cases of tooth loss or damage.

What are the Benefits?

Metal-supported ceramic crowns and bridges are effective restorative solutions used in dentistry and offer a number of advantages. These treatment options are aimed at patients who want to achieve satisfactory results in terms of both durability and aesthetics.

One of the most obvious advantages of these restorations is durability and longevity. The use of metal substrate strengthens crowns and bridges and provides an effective solution for many years. Patients can perform normal chewing functions without any problems.

Aesthetically, metal-supported ceramic crowns and bridges provide an appearance similar to natural tooth color. Ceramic coating offers an ideal option for patients with aesthetic concerns and allows them to achieve a natural look when they smile. This feature can increase patients' self-confidence and make them feel comfortable in social interactions.

In addition, metal-supported ceramic restorations adapt to other teeth and create a natural integrity in the mouth. This allows patients to eat, talk and continue their daily activities without any problems. Obtaining an aesthetic and natural appearance, together with its functional advantages, increases patient satisfaction.

The treatment process takes place in collaboration with the dentist and the patient. Metal-supported ceramic crowns and bridges, customized in line with the individual needs and expectations of the patient, allow dentists to provide patient-oriented treatments. These restorations help patients regain their oral health by providing a functional and aesthetically reliable solution in cases of tooth loss or damage.

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