Implant-Supported Dentures

What are Implant-Supported Dentures?

Implant-supported dentures are a modern dental treatment method that offers an aesthetic and functional solution to patients suffering from missing teeth. This treatment involves integrating titanium implants into the jawbone. Implants are placed in the jawbone through a surgical procedure and integrate with the bone over time, creating a solid foundation and imitating natural tooth roots.

After the implants are placed, the healing process is expected. This process allows the implants to integrate with the jawbone and can usually take several months. Once healing is complete, the dentist places a specially designed prosthesis on the implants. The prosthesis is fixed via support abutments placed on the implants. This ensures that the implant-supported prosthesis has a firm and stable hold.


Implant-supported dentures offer aesthetic and functional advantages. From an aesthetic perspective, dentures are designed to match the natural tooth color, which allows the patient to achieve a natural appearance when smiling. Functionally, since implants provide a solid foundation, chewing functions can be performed similar to a normal tooth. Additionally, the pressure on the jawbone helps maintain facial contours by preventing bone loss.

Implant-supported dentures effectively eliminate missing teeth, allowing patients to regain their natural tooth functions and continue their daily lives comfortably. The application process is carried out in collaboration with the dentist and the patient, so that a personalized treatment plan can be created and a solution suitable for the patient's needs can be offered.

Who Are Implant-Retained Prostheses Suitable for?

Implant-supported dentures may be a suitable treatment option for many patients with various dental health problems or missing teeth:

Those with missing teeth:

Implant-supported dentures offer a solution to patients who are missing one or more teeth. Implants increase the durability of dentures because they create a solid foundation by imitating tooth roots.

Denture Users:

Patients using traditional dentures can obtain a more stable solution by switching to implant-supported dentures. Thanks to implants, the risk of dentures slipping or moving in the mouth is reduced.

Those with Jawbone Loss:

Patients experiencing jaw bone loss can prevent bone loss by stimulating the jaw bone with implants. This can help preserve facial contours.

Those with Good General Health Conditions:

Implant surgery is generally performed on patients with good general health. This contributes to the surgical procedure and healing process being more effective.

Suitable for Regular Oral Hygiene:

Regular oral hygiene is important for the long life of implant-supported dentures. Therefore, patients should pay attention to dental cleaning and regular check-ups.

Those with Aesthetic Concerns:

Implant-supported dentures designed to match natural tooth color may be an ideal option for patients with aesthetic concerns. It is an aesthetically satisfactory solution for those who want to achieve a natural look when smiling.

What are the Benefits?

Implant-supported dentures constitute an important part of modern dentistry practices, offering a number of advantages to patients suffering from missing teeth. The benefits of this treatment option can be listed as follows:

First, implant-supported dentures provide aesthetically pleasing results. Thanks to their special design, dentures that match the natural tooth color enable the patient to achieve a natural appearance when smiling. This can help patients feel more comfortable in their social interactions by increasing their self-confidence.

Functionally, implant-supported dentures offer an effective solution that improves chewing functions because they create a solid foundation. This allows patients to eat and talk comfortably in their daily lives.provides the goods. Having a more stable grip compared to traditional prostheses allows patients to continue their daily activities more comfortably.

In addition, implant-supported dentures prevent bone loss because they create pressure on the jawbone. This contributes to keeping the jawbone healthy and preserving facial contours. Therefore, implant-supported dentures support not only dental functions but also general oral and jaw health.

With its long-lasting and durable structure, implant-supported dentures offer a long-term solution to its patients. When good oral hygiene and regular care are provided, these prostheses can be used without any problems for years.

As a result, implant-supported dentures can significantly improve the quality of life of patients with missing teeth by offering aesthetic, functional and health advantages. Collaboration with a dentist who takes a patient-oriented approach when creating a treatment plan allows the best results to be achieved.

As Roselle Dent Dental Clinic, we offer modern and effective solutions for all our prosthetic dental treatments. By creating a customized treatment plan for each patient, we aim to improve your smile not only aesthetically, but also your chewing functions and overall oral health.