Gum Disease Treatment Turkey, Izmir

What is Gum Treatment?

Gum treatment refers to a treatment approach that includes a series of dental procedures performed to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases on the gums. Gum diseases usually occur as a result of bacterial infections or inflammations and can affect the healthy structure of the gums.

This concept includes a series of treatment procedures aimed at maintaining or improving the health of the gums. Gum diseases usually occur due to the accumulation of bacterial plaque and tartar. These diseases can manifest themselves with redness, swelling, bleeding and other symptoms in the gums.


Common Gum Diseases


It is inflammation of the gums and usually occurs due to dental plaque accumulation. Dental plaque can cause bacteria to damage the gums. Gingivitis can manifest itself with symptoms such as redness, swelling and bleeding in the gums.


If gingivitis is left untreated or neglected, a more serious condition, periodontitis, can develop. In this case, the gums recede, gum pockets deepen, and jaw bone loss may occur. Periodontitis can lead to tooth loss.

How to Treat Gum Diseases

Gum treatment aims to treat these diseases and also includes preventive measures to prevent their progression. Treatment methods may be as follows:

Tooth Cleaning and Professional Cleaning:Care performed by the dentist to remove dental plaque and tartar. Professional cleaning is important.

Special Oral Care Training: Effective tooth brushing and flossing techniques for patients who come to our clinic We provide awareness-raising information about.

Surgical Intervention: In case of serious gum diseases, surgical intervention may be required. This may include cleaning gum pockets or correcting jawbone loss.

Antibiotic Treatment: In some cases, antibiotic drugs can be used to treat gum diseases.

Early diagnosis and treatment of gum problems can help prevent more serious complications. Therefore, it is important to regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene.