Fixed Dentures

What are Fixed Dentures?

Fixed dentures is an important treatment option in dentistry that provides aesthetic and functional improvements in case of missing teeth. These special prostheses are designed to restore chewing function while correcting the aesthetic defects caused by tooth loss.

Fixed dentures application includes a detailed examination and tooth preparation process. Regular dental checks and hygiene practices after application support the long-term success of the fixed dentures.

Fixed prostheses are a reliable solution recommended for patients who have aesthetic concerns and are looking for functional improvements. However, discussing individual needs and treatment plan with an expert dentist will help the patient achieve the best results. We are waiting for you at our clinic to create a special treatment plan for you and achieve a healthy smile.


Who is it suitable for?

  • Tooth deficiency: In cases of single or multiple tooth loss
  • Aesthetic corrections: For patients looking for solutions to color, size or shape problems in teeth
  • Functional improvements: For those who want to improve chewing, speaking and other oral functions

What are the Benefits of Fixed Dentures?

Fixed prostheses are a dental treatment option that provides perfection in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Prepared with special care using porcelain or ceramic materials, these prostheses allow patients to smile with confidence by providing an aesthetic similar to natural tooth color. From a functional perspective, it offers patients a safe and effective solution by improving chewing and speaking functions. These prostheses prevent jaw loss caused by missing teeth, prevent the displacement of other teeth, and thus protect oral health. Thanks to the use of porcelain and ceramic materials, fixed prostheses offer a long-lasting and durable solution, allowing patients to have a healthy smile for many years.

What is the Treatment Process?

Examination and Evaluation: In the first stage, our specialist dentist examines the patient's mouth structure in detail. examines. Missing teeth, jaw structure and other factors are evaluated.

Creating a Treatment Plan: Following the evaluations, a treatment plan specific to the patient's needs is created. This plan includes which prosthetic tooth option will be used and the treatment process.

Prosthetic Dental Application: In line with the treatment plan, our specialist dentist will replace the missing teeth. applies prosthetic teeth. This stage is carried out carefully to ensure patient comfort and a natural appearance.

Final Check and Maintenance: After the prosthetic tooth application, final check for the patient's comfort and satisfaction. checks are made. In addition, proper dental care and cleaning instructions are given.

As Roselle Dent Dental Clinic, we offer modern and effective solutions for all our prosthetic dental treatments. By creating a customized treatment plan for each patient, we aim to improve your smile not only aesthetically, but also your chewing functions and overall oral health.