Dental Deep Cleaning in Turkey, Izmir

What is Dental Deep Cleaning? How to do it?

Dental scaling is a dental treatment procedure performed to remove mineralized plaque accumulation and tartar on the teeth. This process aims to protect general oral health by reducing the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth.

Why Does Dental Stone Form?

Dental tartar forms when bacterial accumulation called plaque hardens over time. Plaque accumulates on tooth surfaces through a combination of food residues and bacteria. As a result of the hardening of plaque, tartar forms. Tartars usually appear near the gum line and between the teeth.


How to Clean Dental Stone?

Examination and Evaluation:Your dentist will examine your mouth in detail before scaling. It does. It evaluates the amount and location of stone accumulation on the teeth.

Ultrasonic Cleaning:Dental stone cleaning is usually done with ultrasonic tools. These tools break down dental stones with their tips vibrating at high frequency. It also provides cleaning with its water spray feature.

Cleaning with Hand Tools:In some special cases, our dentist can also grind the teeth using hand tools. can perform your cleaning. In this method, dental stones are removed manually with specially designed tools.

Air-Polishing Devices:Again, in some special cases, air-polishing in dental stone cleaning can use their devices. These devices spray a special mixture of water and air pressure onto the tooth surfaces and clean the stains.

Who Needs Dental Stone Cleaning?

Regular scaling can help you have a whiter and brighter smile, as well as protecting your oral health.

  • Those with tartar accumulation
  • Those at risk of gum disease
  • Those with stains on their tooth enamel
  • Those who have bad breath due to dental stone

As Roselle Dent Dental Clinic, we offer modern and effective solutions in our dental stone treatments. By creating a customized treatment plan for each patient, we aim to bring back the health of your smile.