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Restorative dentistry, aesthetic dental treatments, dental implants, periodontology and pediatric dentistry By combining our expertise in various fields, such as, under one roof, we offer our patients a customized treatment plan tailored to their individual needs.

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Dental Clinic in Izmir, Turkey

We Bring Health and Aesthetics Together

We offer all disciplines of dentistry under one roof, with a strong smile.

Modern Approach

Roselle Dent offers the most up-to-date and effective service to patients by following the latest technologies and modern practices in the field of dentistry.

Comprehensive Treatments

We provide expert services in every field, from implant treatments to aesthetic dentistry, from pediatric dental health to orthodontics.

Specialist Physician Staff

The physicians working at Roselle Dent are experienced and expert professionals in their fields.

As Roselle Dent, we highly respect ethical values and patient rights. We act with a transparent communication approach, keeping patient satisfaction at the highest level. We inform our patients during the treatment processes, understand their expectations and create treatment plans accordingly.

About Us

Internationally accepted health standards

With advanced dentistry practices, we offer special solutions to each of our patients. Our treatments, designed to suit your needs, aim to protect your healthy dental structure and highlight the aesthetics of your smile.




Dental Health in Children

Children's dental health is an important part of their overall health, and protecting this health...

To solve your oral and dental health problems from the first stages of your dental examination to implementing the treatment plan. We pay special attention to revitalizing your smile.


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We welcome you to our clinic with a smile and examine you carefully.

Personalized Treatments

We plan the most suitable treatment plan for you with our specialist physicians and determine the treatment map.


We carry out every stage of your treatment with care and transparency, and prioritize sustainability.


We offer a free check every six months to check whether your treatment plan is suitable for you.